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I’m an contemporary artist from California. Originally from Moscow, Russia where I obtained Master’s Degree in Fashion Design.

  • 1990−1995 Art School of Applied art. Moscow

  • 1995−2000 University of Design and Technology. Moscow.

  • 2000- 2005 MTV Russia

  • 2000−2018 Freelance Stylist "Cosmopolitan", "Men's Health"," Premier", "Atmosphere "

  • 2008−2012 Fashion Director in glossy magazines Russian representation of Hurst Publishing House. I participated in various exhibition and events in Russia. Due to the unfavorable political situation, my family and I are forced to leave Russia.

  • 2019 I moved to California. Where I decided to focus on my art career. During the quarantine, participated in online projects and made paintings to order. I also did digital illustrations.

  • 10.2021 Group online Intenational Exhibition "Feelings in color", Germany.

  • 06.2022 participated in the Group Exhibition "Woman in art", LasLaguna Art gallery, California.

  • 08−09.2022 Group International Online Exhibition "Scenic 2022"

  • 04.2023 Group Exhibition "Fresh /A Spring fling", Laguna Art Gallery, California

  • 08.2023 Group International Online Exhibition "Emotions 2023",

In the visual arts, I am inspired by nature motifs and female images. I love using different techniques and trying new things.
My artwork has been mostly influenced by the experience in fashion photography and videography. I am inspired by the beautiful transitional states of natural, human emotions and perception of the environment. We often hide our feelings and emotions, meanwhile there is a hurricane inside. Nature also stores within itself enormous inner strength.